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Divorce, Custody & Support Modifications

Experienced Representation Tailored to Meet Your Goals

If your divorce is final, but your circumstances have changed significantly, making it difficult or impossible to abide by the terms of your divorce decree, you can petition the court for a modification of the final order. Simply agreeing to the modification of a child custody or support order without consulting an attorney is unwise. You want an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to help you through the process, so that you know your rights and know that your rights will be protected.

At The Law Offices of Jonathan J. Biedron, LLC, I focus my entire practice on family law, representing men and women throughout Montgomery County. As a sole practitioner, I work directly with you at all stages of a divorce or family law matter, from the initial filing through post-judgment requests for modification or enforcement of child custody or support orders. I know from experience that every family law matter is unique and listen carefully to your questions and concerns, so that I can tailor my representation to help you meet your specific goals.

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When Your Situation Has Changed

If you have had a change in employment, whether you lost a job, moved to a new shift or face a transfer to a new location, you may face challenges with respect to child custody or visitation. Likewise, the loss of a job, a sudden illness or injury, or other unexpected expense can make it difficult to abide by existing support obligations.

The Importance of Getting Your new Order Changed With the Court

I represent men and women who seek a modification of existing child custody, child support, alimony or spousal support orders. When attempting to resolve a dispute over a request for modification of an existing court order, I will explore reasonable opportunities to work cooperatively with your ex-spouse to iron out a new agreement that works for both of you. If we are able to reach an agreement, I will also help you take the essential step of getting any agreed-upon changes incorporated into a new order from the court. If you enter into an agreement, but fail to have the court issue a new order, you will still be bound by the original decree, regardless of how long the new agreement has been in effect. If it is not reasonable to pursue an agreement in your case, I will advocate forcefully for you in the Court process to try and obtain the best result possible from the Judge or Magistrate hearing the case.  

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To arrange a reduced-fee consultation, send me an e-mail or call my office at 301-916-2900. I am available to meet with clients weekdays from 9 am until 5 pm. For your convenience, I accept Visa and MasterCard.

I charge reasonable fees.