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Family Law Overview

I focus my entire practice on family law matters, handling issues involving:

  • Divorce. I work with individuals at all stages of a divorce, from the preparation of a separation agreement through mediation or trial to requests for modification of existing court orders. I handle all matters related to divorce including custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property settlement.
  • Separation agreements. I will help you carefully construct a separation agreement that sets forth the terms resolving all of the issues arising out of your marriage, including, child custody and visitation, support and property distribution.
  • Modifications. If your divorce is final, but your circumstances have changed, I can help you file for modification of an existing custody, visitation or support order.
  • Marital property division. I will work with you to equitably divide marital assets, including bank accounts, real estate, retirement funds, investments and business property.
  • Child custody and support. I will help you develop and put in place agreements governing child custody and visitation, focusing on the best interests of your children. I will also review proposed support agreements for compliance with state guidelines.
  • Family law mediation. If you wish to resolve family law differences cooperatively, I will help you through the mediation process, making certain you understand your rights and options, so that you can get the most out of mediation.